Powdertech Surface Science has been using the latest Gardobond chrome-free systems for over a decade.

We provide automotive clients with a cost effective titanium zirconium (TiZr) coating preparation, applied to aluminium components (cast or extruded) prior to adhesive bonding.

The process meets JLR specification STJLR.50.5002B. With extensive experience in this technology we are able to give advice to clients on a project by project basis. As part of our TiZr service we can provide:

  • Final inspection - checking dimensions and visual aspects of the parts

  • Direct despatch to OEM’s. We are familiar with EDI systems and can manage on-line booking of transport, direct to end-users

  • Express turnaround in a matter of hours - we are set up for rapid job completion where necessary

  • Dedicated warehouse facilities for raw and finished goods