Testing and development is a core service at Powdertech Surface Science.

We have the capability and expertise to offer a suite of tests and analytical techniques to probe the properties of a given surface.

We also provide reports, feedback and recommendations to aid with product development & process improvement. Our services have been used to facilitate key projects for large OEMs within the Automotive, Oil & Gas and Aircraft Interior sectors.

All testing, research and development work is coordinated by our technical team, overseen by our technical expert Dr Nick Welton who specialises in the science of surfaces and coatings and has been working in the industry for over 25 years.


Physical Testing

  • Adhesion

  • Cross Hatch


  • V Cut

  • Permeability

  • High performance adhesion

  • Impact Testing

  • Bend Testing

  • Chip Resistance Testing

Failure Analysis

  • Root cause analysis

  • Cross- sectional analysis

  • Corrosion analysis

  • Adhesive failure modes

Surface Characterisation

  • Surface Energy

  • Surface Cleanliness

  • Microscopy

    • Optical

    • SEM

Environmental Testing

  • Weathering

  • Humidity

  • Corrosion

  • Thermal Cycling

  • Heat treatment

  • Thermal Data Logging

Wet Testing

  • pH

  • Conductivity

  • Titrimmetry

    • Manual

    • Automatic

  • Fluid resistance

  • Chemical etch rate