The health sector demands a reliable, consistent and durable finish for its medical installations and devices, one that we have been proudly delivering to our clients for over ten years.

In this highly specified and regulated sector, Powdertech Surface Science has been the go-to choice for manufacturers needing a partner who understands their specific, and often unique, requirements. We have established long-term relationships with many of our clients and we work hard to assist them in them in delivering on their commitments to their own customers.

Medical devices are instrumental in helping doctors to save lives and it is vital that robust product design and production systems are employed, consistent with the strictest of regulations. We are used to working within the parameters for intricate devices such as heart pumps and employing such techniques as precise masking to ensure that the correct amount of coating is applied exactly where it is needed.

Medical installations can consist of many hundreds of components, all of which must integrate seamlessly, resulting in an ordered, homogenous unit. The large extrusions and smaller components that make up the assemblies used in many hospitals, both in the UK and overseas, can all be processed in our unique, flexible plant.

High performance coating of metal surfaces may be one of the last stages in the build process but the reliability and success of this process critical.  We have many years’ experience in chrome-free conversion coatings and pre-treatments including TiZr and Iridite NCP, frequently specified by regulated industry sectors.